The Best Hog Hunting In Pensacola

Now I know we mainly talk about fishing but I wanted to give the opprotunity for some of y’all to get to hear some of the awesome time I had in Pensacola Recently on a hog hunt! This was the Best Hog Hunt In Pensacola Florida! Here is the interview I had with Kenny Lewis:

I recently had a chance to speak with a great hog hunter in Northwest Florida. Kenny Lewis of Panhandle Charters and Guide Service sat down with us to go over some of the tips and tricks for what really makes a successful day in the woods.

“Pantience is key to the success of hog hunting” said Kenny. If you don’t put in the time scouting then you will never reap the rewards of a successful hunt. These words ring true to almost anyone who has ever done any kind of hunting peroid. Prepartion is key. Getting your shooting lanes and setting up your stands are the most important part of getting ready for the season. While Kenny doesn’t dog hunt hogs he does have a very successful business of Northwest Florida hog hunts. Kenny is a great guide who knows the woods just about as good as any other person around. He has put in countless hours of scouting and preparation for these hunts and it shows by his successful business and repeat clientel.

Another thing people forget about is what type of weapon to use when hunting these hogs. What the majority of people use are the shotguns or high power rifles. These aniumals are not something that are exactly easy to kill. I like to use a shot gun for close range and a rifle if the hogs are farther away. I’d like to thank Kenny for coming and giving up some of his time to answer a few of our questions. If you get a chance please get down there and give him a call check out Panhandle Charters and Guide Service– It will be an adventure you will never forget!